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Type Systems 


Fall 2021


Brand Visual System


Hunter Wimmer


Kim Cogan is a San Francisco-based painter who held exhibitions at Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery in August and September 2021. The purpose of this project is to promote and produce deliverables (posters, banners, chapbook, and website) for a gallery exhibition

of the artist's work.


Cogan process is fluid and spontaneous. Definition emerges over layers of board and dark pastel tones brushstrokes.

That is why his works are somewhat disturbing, but there is also has a sense

of cozy and warmth. The overall approach also maintains the disturbing but friendly, dark but comfortable concept.

Kim Cogan Gallery

Giung Ryu (Louie)_Giung Ryu (Louie)_GR 601 OL1_Type Systems2_02.tif
iMac 5k Retina Office Mockup with Items.png
Giung Ryu (Louie)_Giung Ryu (Louie)_GR 601 OL1_Type Systems2_04.tif
Giung Ryu (Louie)_Giung Ryu (Louie)_GR 601 OL1_Type Systems2_05.tif
Giung Ryu (Louie)_Giung Ryu (Louie)_GR 601 OL1_Type Systems2_06.tif
Giung Ryu (Louie)_Giung Ryu (Louie)_GR 601 OL1_Type Systems2_07.tif

We Are
Cut Off

Master Of The

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